Software for Sigma OS3.0 (based on Windows Longhorn 4074)


Pre-reset builds of Windows Longhorn are rather hard in terms of device drivers and programs. Thankfully, I've got a laptop meeting the driver criteria:

Compal EDL71 (branded by Zepto, who cares though?)

When I first got it with Windows XP installed (hadn't been formatted for 12 years!) and looked at its specs, I knew I was gonna install Longhorn on it - c'mon, it has a GPU from LH era, it can run Aero!
Installation from USB was maybe not the easiest process ever, but it could be worse (include the entire I386 and Programs folders in the ISO created by WinSetupfromUSB.) However, what's an OS without proper software, right? That's why I made this list of the newest programs for that system.

List of software



I tried many versions of K-Lite and no version newer than CCCP 2015-10-18 work (8E BSOD I mentioned earlier when I try to play a downloaded YouTube video), so let's just stick with CCCP.
Media Player Classic Home Cinema DOESN'T work, use WMP11 bundled with SigmaOS.


Newest 7-Zip 16.04 works, I don't need anything else.

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