おはよう!! I'm Dominika (sdomi), earlier known as reds. I'm sorta experienced in programming and electronics; I'm interested in japanese culture and video games (mostly retro). I code stuff in Bash, PHP, C, python, JS, lua and other languages. Of these, Bash and python are my favourites, even if you're going to argue that Bash isn't really a programming language. Besides that, I'm a long-term Linux user (since around 2009), currently using Void as my daily driver.

I also like video games (Amiga, NES, SNES, Switch, some PC classics as well) and anime (my favourites are Nichijou and LWA). I'm a retrocomputing nerd, check out my coolest machines!

If you'd like to check out more of my stuff, check out my weblog, my Twatter account, and tune in to my radio!

btw selfisekai is criminally cute and I love her a lot <3

past and current projects

  1. HTTP.sh webserver / app framework
  2. LibbieOffice script
  3. awsom Mastodon client
  4. PouetBot Mastodon Bot
  5. Proof-Of-Concept mpv script for synchronizing playback over internet
  6. Maintaining AmiWM