おはよう!! I'm Dominika (sdomi), although you may have known me as reds. I'm a wannabe hacker with some experience in both electronics and software. I code stuff in Bash, PHP, C, python, JS, lua and other languages. Of these, Bash and python are my favourites. Besides that, I'm a long-term Linux user (since around 2009), currently using Void as my daily driver.

I'm also a massive weeb (my favourites are Nichijou and LWA), and a retrocomputing nerd - check out my coolest machines!

If you'd like to see more of my stuff, check out my weblog, follow my Twatter account, and tune in to my radio!

BTW: selfisekai is criminally cute, same can be said about ptrcnull. I love them both a lot <3

past and current projects

  1. HTTP.sh webserver / app framework
  2. Haruhi-DL - a ytdl fork I maintain with selfisekai
  3. OCW, a webapp for opening Czapkomaty compartments
  4. LibbieOffice icon replacement script
  5. Proof-Of-Concept mpv script for synchronizing playback over internet
  6. Maintaining AmiWM